IKANDA Park is a unique Parking Lot Management System used to: Book parking spaces - Detect Car Presence - Inform your employees & visitors already on the road about availabilities & reservations - Welcome and Guide your visitors in the most personal way.

Booking Application

With the IKANDA Park Booking Application, an unlimited number of administrators can book parking spaces and check availabilities from any device with a browser.

Presence detection

Our 100% wireless sensors on each parking bay detect the presence of cars and update their real-time status and availability in the booking application.

On the road

Employees can check 24x7 the real-time status and availability of your parking lot. Visitors are informed about their reservation through SMS or Calendar invite.

Personal Welcoming

Visitors or employees get a personal welcome message on a display at their parking bay. They are informed about their reserved place by a status light.


IKANDA Park is a development of IKANDA.

By integrating the Internet of Things (Smartphone, RFID, NFC, sensors, ...) with Digital Signage, we make sure we only show relevant information to the correct person on the correct device at the most appropriate timing.

IKANDA is your partner for A to Z Digital Signage solutions: consultancy, multi-vendor hardware solutions, software development & integration, installation, training and support.



Booking application

With the administration part of the application, your reception desk can easily book reservations and see which places are taken.

Mobile app

With the IKANDA Park app, your employees can check from a distance the availability of your parking lot, visitors get a confirmation of their reserved place.


Detect the status of each individual parking bay and see the real-time availabilities in your booking tool to create and manage bookings.

Status Indicator Lights

Parking bays can be equipped with status indicator lights showing different statuses: available, taken, reserved, arriving visitor.

Personal Signage

We have 3 levels of signage: outdoor status screens, indoor navigation & wayfinding screens and personal welcoming screens on each parking bay.

Modular Approach

IKANDA Park can be set up in a modular way: each component can be purchased separately or all combined together.


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  • Optional
  • Detect Car Presence
  • Show Car Presence in Booking Module
  • Optional
  • Indicate Bay Availability
  • Welcome Visitors
Personal Welcoming
  • Optional
  • Personal Welcoming
  • On screens
Status & Wayfinding
  • Optional
  • Show status/zone
  • Guide your visitors to available places
Mobile app Module
  • Optional
  • Unlimited users
  • Platform independant
Reporting Module
  • Optional
  • Unlimited users
  • Export bookings to Excel
SMS Notification
  • Optional
  • Send SMS
  • With Reservation Details


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